Recover Deleted Data From Transcend Memory Card


Transcend is a well-known company that manufactures a large variety of reliable and high-quality memory cards which  are compatible for mobile phones, digital cameras or even portable devices. Using transcend card is favorable and very easy to use as it allows you to store data and transfer data to all other devices and computers.

But you can lose data from this memory card. As for example, some files can be found missing in your memory card because of different reasons like unintentionally file deletion, virus attack or power failure while transferring the data from one device to another. Well there could be lots of other reasons as well but the important question arises here is how to recover those deleted data from transcend memory card.

Different Data Loss Scenarios:

Data can be lost due to different reasons and some of the most common scenarios behind losing the data from transcend memory card are as follows:

  • Accidental memory card formatting: Sometimes it may happen that you format your memory card accidentally and as a result, you lose all the data.
  • Unintentionally data Deletion: Deleting files from memory card unintentionally may also result in data loss.
  • Sudden pulling out of memory card: Sometime, it happens that you suddenly pull out your memory card from devices when you are in a hurry or due to other reasons and it may lead to file system corruption and so you lose all your data.
  • Errors while transferring Files: When you transfers files from one  device to another and suddenly you face power failure situation during the transfer operation then it may lead to data loss.

Things you should follow to avoid data scenario:

  • Keep regularly back up your data to your computer to avoid data loss scenario.
  • Before formatting nay drive or memory card just check it twice or thrice.
  • Avoid taking photos or shooting videos on your camera when the battery is very low.
  • Always make use of ‘write protect’ knob in your memory card to avoid accidental deletion for formatting of media files.

These are some for the common tips you should follow if you want to avoid data loss scenarios.  Well if you still ever come across any kind of situation like this then you can try some recovery tools that are available online but if you still fail to do so then you can also make use of Card Data Recovery software. This recovery software is very easy to use and it is very effective recovery tool you can ever have. The steps involved in the recovery of data are very simple. Make use of this recovery tool and recover data from transcend memory card in just a few steps.


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