Unrecognized External Hard Drive Recovery – Recover Data From Unrecognized External Hard Drive


What to do when your external hard drive does not get recognized by your operating system? Suppose you are busy in working on your computer and you need to access documents you have saved on your external hard drive. But sometimes you may notice when you connect your external hard drive to the computer that Windows Explorer does not recognize your external hard drive. After few seconds, you simply get a message “Device Not Found”. This message can be displayed due to several reasons. Even after connecting and disconnecting the device for several times it shows the same message. This situation must be quite irritating when it happens to you because it’s not just a matter of external hard drive it’s all about your data you have saved on your drive which were quite important to you.

When external hard drives are not detected then it means that the files you have stored on the hard drive are also lost completely forever. So what will you do in this case? It is obvious that you will look for a recovery solution so that you can get your data back your unrecognized external hard drive.

Reasons for facing unrecognized external hard drive:

  • Bad sectors: Bad sectors could be a result of improper handling of the external hard drive. When the external drives are filled with a large number of bad sectors then it could lead a hard drive to be unrecognized.
  • Raw External hard drives: Most of the time, the system file of external hard drives would unable to process because of several unknown reasons. In this kind of case, the drive becomes unrecognized.
  • Virus Infection: When your external hard drive is severely infected with virus then there are possibilities that it would not get detected by the system.
  • Other Reasons: Some other reasons like corrupt external hard drive, improper way of partitioning external HDD, corrupt file system, etc.

These above reasons mentioned above would make your external hard drive unrecognized and as a result, you will face data loss scenario. Well, there is no need to worry at all because, with the help of recovery software called Card Data Recovery, you will able to restore all the files from this kind of hard drive very easily. This recovery tool has the capability to recover data from an unrecognized external hard drive in just a few steps.


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