Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card


Sometimes, it happens your memory card stop working all of a sudden and you are unable to see files on the phone because of memory card corruption. Corruption of a memory card is a very irritating situation because you keep all your good and memorable memories in your phone and when you are unable to see and enjoy those files then it really disappoints people.

 Some Important things to know

Though Windows and your phone suppose there is nothing on the SD card it is still there. It is generally the File Allocation tables which have been lost or corrupted. It is quite a like someone trashing the card catalogue at the public library.

So do not reformat the memory card and if you do so then there is a possible chance that your data will be lost forever. The files are still there. You are just required a way to find them and then copy them to another storage device.

Common reasons behind the card data corruption:

  1. Sudden removal of memory card from card reader or from camera

 When you remove the memory card suddenly from the camera or from the card reader when you are accessing the files or at the time of transferring to other multimedia storage device can lead to the corruption of memory card corruption issue.

  1. Formatting of memory card

Sometimes you may see the messages like “Memory card not initialized” or “Format error” when you access your camera. These error messages ask you to format your memory card to avoid any kind of damage.

  1. Sudden power surge during copying process

If there is a sudden power failure in the meanwhile your files are getting transferred then there is more possibility that your card may get corrupted. Abrupt power surge is responsible for affecting the synchronization between the memory card and your system because of which the copying process gets stuck between these.

  1. Virus attack

If your memory card is infected with a virus then it is possible that your memory card has been corrupted. However, virus is one of the most common factors for memory card corruption.

How to Recover data from Corrupted Memory Card:

You can simply install anti-virus in your device and can scan you memory card or the best option is to use third party recovery software. You can use Card Data Recovery software in order to recover deleted data from corrupted memory card very easily. This recovery software can recover all media files from damaged or corrupted memory card and can easily be used by any person because it is user friendly and it does not require any technical help.


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