3 Most Common Memory Card Problems and Their Solutions


Memory cards used to come in different shapes and sizes. These are used with an intension to extend the storage space. Digital cameras are generally designed to work with any type of memory card with Memory Sticks, Compact Flash card, SD cards, and MicroSD card, these are being the most popular variants. Sometimes, you may come across different memory card issues. So, let us go through in details about some common memory card issue and also know how to solve them easily.

Memory Card Issues

  1. Card Cannot be Used Error Message: One of the most common issues related to memory card is getting the error message “Card cannot be used”. When you get this error message, it is not clear that what the problem is all about. When this error message is received, the first step you should take is to turn the camera off and back on. Also, make sure no to do so while the camera’s busy light is on. Users then should be able to view videos and photos by simply pressing the camera’s playback button. If this solution doesn’t still work then the user should try to back up the data saved on the card on the computer and format the memory card

  1. Memory Card Is Write Protected or Locked: SD cards have a lock on them that used to prevent memory from being stored on the card while the lock is on the “on” position. If the card is kept in the locked position and the user keeps on trying to record videos or photos then a message will appear which notifies that the memory card is write-protected or locked. However, in order to solve this issue, different SD cards and their variants have a lock switch on the left side. If the lock is in the bottom position then slide it up to unlock the card. If you are still unable to unlock the card then try to toggle the switch back and forth three times and then put it back into the locked position for thirty seconds. Next you can try to slide the switch into unlocked position and then try to shoot some photos again.

  1. Memory Card Runs Slowly: Sometimes, you may notice that while memory card is transferring data very slowly than it used to usually. In such case, it may not actually be a problem with the card. As mentioned above that every memory card has a different shapes and sizes and also speed rating that used to indicate how quickly photos and videos can be easily transferred from the card. If such issue ever takes place then to solve this issue you should simply format the card as soon as possible.

These are the most common memory card issues that can take place in different situations. But, after going through these issues, you can also avoid memory card issues so that there would be no need to lost any data from the memory card and there would be no need to look for the recovery solution.


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